Dean Wright is a consultant who serves media organizations and other clients around the world. Before forming Connell Wright Media in 2011, he was global ethics and standards editor at Thomson Reuters, based in New York. He developed policies and practices for editorial quality, transparency, social media and compliance with anti-bribery/corruption laws. He worked on numerous ethics training programs as well as establishing metrics to measure awareness of and compliance with editorial ethics, standards and practices. Earlier, as managing editor for consumer services, Dean managed Reuters websites in Japan, China, India, the UK and US that reached more than 25 million daily users. After a career with newspapers and news services in the US and Canada, he joined the editorial staff of MSNBC.com in 1996, just as the Internet news revolution began. He became vice president and editor-in-chief in 2003 and during his tenure, MSNBC.com earned numerous awards for journalistic excellence. Connell Wright Media is based in Bellingham, Washington, USA, near Vancouver, Canada.